Better The Devils We Know

29 June 2013 04:52
Who is the right man for the job of taking the professional game forward in Scotland?

The newly formed Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) needs to be led by somebody but are the two contenders the right men to take Scottish football forward. The SPL and SFL both have chief executives in Neil Doncaster and David Longmuir respectively and both have expressed interest in the new post. Apparently there is not going to be be an open competition for the job with the newly formed SPFL board making a decision between Doncaster and Longmuir. Doncaster said: "It's not a question of applying for the position. There are two acting chief executives and the board will be selecting one of those to take the new league body forward. Interviews will take place over the next 10 days or so but that's for the board to decide who they want to lead the organisation in future."Longmuir said: "There will be a process over the next week or so where the newly-appointed board of the SPFL will make a decision. I will enter into that process wholeheartedly." As the deal to reunite the governing bodies has dragged on for several weeks and nearly fell apart several times along the way under the two contenders, should they be unchallenged for the crucial role of developing a structure that is for the common good. It is inevitable that some factions will not be happy with issues as they crop up in the new regime. I am not sure either Longmuir or Doncaster have shown they have what it takes to unite the clubs and reach a suitable compromise to avoid another season punctuated by off the field disputes. I hope I am proved wrong and Scottish football grows from this low to a position of credibility. Whoever gets the job will have their work cut out to deliver this objective.

Source: ScottishFitba