Another Sorry Chapter

12 November 2013 08:02
Interesting that the chairman of Rangers never saw the report following an internal investigation into how the club was bought

With the police investigation into allegations that Craig Whyte continued to be involved in Rangers once Charles Green had bought assets following their liquidation in 2012, the club feel  obliged to state their belief that they will not lose their licence to play in Scottish football. Police Scotland's Economic Crime Unit are looking into links between Whyte, the former owner of Glasgow Rangers who is banned from any involvement in Scottish football, and Green who bought  Ibrox Stadium and the Murray Park training facility. Whyte has claimed he was a director of Sevco 5088 Limited - the company behind the new entity. There ahs already been an  internal investigation earlier this year by law firm Pinsent Masons, which cleared Green of any involvement with Whyte. Malcolm Murray, another former Ibrox chairman, admitted he did not see the reports from Pinsent Masons before his departure from the club, but that he was "pretty sure" Whyte has no involvement.A statement from Rangers read: "Incorrect stories concerning the company have appeared in the media today and yesterday concerning allegations that Craig Whyte still has links to Rangers, which the company would like to clarify. Pinsent Masons has not reported to the police that Craig Whyte has any connections to the company. A separate matter was reported to the police by Pinsent Masons, on behalf of the company. That matter related purely to a director appointment form which purported to appoint Craig Whyte as a director of Sevco 5088 Limited. One of the reasons the investigation report has not been released was because a matter was reported to the police. The company did not wish to do anything that may undermine any police inquiries into the issue. The board of directors have at all times acted to protect the interests of the company and the company's ability to take legal action. The company regret the need to disclose this issue but it is necessitated by the incorrect and speculative articles that have appeared in the media. There has also been speculation in the press on the impact that a police investigation has on the club's SFA licence to play football. To confirm, there are no grounds for the SFA to withdraw the club's membership. The company also notes that former chairman Malcolm Murray dismisses the allegations concerning Craig Whyte's supposed involvement with the club."

Source: ScottishFitba