A Friend In Need

09 September 2011 01:51
You might as well consider everybody who passes along and uses your club for training purposes. Craig Brown is still considering whether trialist Rory Fallon has done enough while taking advantage of training facilities to win a deal. With money tight at the club, Brown does not want to go cap in hand to the board over every player who trains with them.  The New Zealand striker played with Kari Arnason at Plymouth and left Yeovil before the transfer window closed after spending a month at the League One club. Brown, whose team travel to Easter Road on Sunday, said: "He is a friend of Kari Arnason and we are giving him a training venue. He is a nice, big chap who is visiting a friend and obviously he is out of contract and I am interested to see how he shapes up. We are not going to make a decision right now because I can't go to the board with another player and another player and another player. We have got to be sure if we are to go to the board as we are at our budget maximum already. I am reluctant to ask for dispensation unless we are absolutely sure."