Russian clubs notch up million dollars in fines

12 January 2012 10:16

The disciplinary panel of the Russian Premier League handed out over a million dollars in fines to clubs last season, mainly due to misbehaviour by fans, the league's press service said.

The clubs' various misconducts forced the panel to meet in special sessions after every one of the season's 32 matchdays to exact fines in 188 matches from 256 played overall. None of the league's clubs managed to avoid penalty.

Nine-time champions Spartak Moscow led the penalty list with a total sum of 6.28 million rubles (over $198,000), one million rubles ahead of the second-placed Zenit St Petersburg.

Tomsk paid the lowest fines with sum of 180,000 rubles ($5,678 dollars). The overall sum of the season's fines amounted to over 33 million rubles ($1.067 million).

Reports said that fines for the clubs' fans misbehaviour made up the biggest share in the overall amount at over 26 million rubles ($832,000).

The Russian Football Union (RFU) chief Sergei Fursenko said all the fines the ruling body have received would be invested in the development of the children's football.

Reports said that the Premier League clubs are now paying so much in fines that that their money accounts for more than a half of the RFU expenses on the development of children's football in the country.

Source: AFP