Name tags needed for Russia, South Korea

17 June 2014 02:17

Both Russia and South Korea freely admitted on Monday that they had no idea as to the identity of the players they were about to face in Tuesday's World Cup Group H clash in Cuiaba.

Russia's coach, Fabio Capello, when asked if it wasn't an insult that his team couldn't name any Koreans, shrugged: "It's not important to know names of players, what is important is to know their characteristics."

The Korean captain, Koo-Ja-Chael, was equally candid when challenged later if he could list any of the Russian side.

"No, I don't know their names, but I know their numbers," the Mainz 05 midfielder replied.

Korea's coach, Hong Myung-Bo, was asked at the post-match press conference whether he regarded the Russians' admission as an insult, smiled: "Actually it's not easy for Korean players to be memorised by foreigners."

Source: AFP