We'll not be far away - Evans

23 September 2011 09:48
Gareth Evans gives his first public interview to the Advertiser after his and the teams decent start to the campaign. Evans arrived from Bradford in the summer and has already netted four goals, including a double at Plymouth and says the team are close to really hitting top form after scoring 21 goals already. “When you score three goals away from home, you should win, simple as that", he said. We've got to use it and learn from it and take it into our next away games. At the end of the day we are scoring goals, which is the hardest thing to do in football. It's frustrating but like the gaffer said, a few minor tweaks here and there and we won't be far off. I have been involved in teams that are not that good, to be honest, on the entertainment side, but since I came to Rotherham I don't seem to have played in a bad game. There always seems to be goals or some sort of excitement about them and Saturday was no exception. “The gaffer has made it plain that the best way of defending is to attack. That matches my way of thinking and it matches a lot of the players' way of thinking and I think that's why the games have been so entertaining and if we keep attacking we will keep scoring goals with the players that we have at this club. “There are a lot of tough away trips in this league and we've done a few of them already. We just have to keep doing what we're doing and I don't think we'll be too far off.” After struggling at Bradford last season Evans is enjoying his football again He added: “The gaffer has asked me to play on the left but I'm also happy just to be playing and involved. I've managed to score a few goals and set a few up and if I carry on like that then I'll continue enjoying it. “It was hard playing for Bradford, there is no two ways about that. It was a difficult club to play for at the time. That was just unfortunate but I've come here and it's a new scene and a completely different bunch of lads and it seems to be working in my favour at the moment.”


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