We'll attack away from home - Evans

27 September 2013 05:06
Speaking to the 'Tiser, boss Steve Evans outlines his attacking thoughts.

Evans looked back at the point at Walsall and praises his defenders for thier efforts.

“I would rather win games than draw four. We will go away from home, try and attack and have a go and at times we are going to ask our defenders to defend, as they did at Walsall."

“They have get people in good midfield areas and work little triangles and because we play such an attacking game."

"We had to accept there would be periods when they might get on the ball in midfield. But we are good as a unit defensively and Craig Morgan gives us something special. He's a top, top League One defender.”

"Our desire not to conceded in the last few minutes impressed me, as was our willingness to go and support the front players. I don't think anyone covered more grass than Lee Frecklington and Rob Milsom. They were all around the pitch without playing silky football.” he added.

Source: MillersMAD.