Watery flavour for stadium name

23 September 2011 09:53
The Millers are moving closer to their new stadium name with the water theme very much on the agenda. Chairman Tony Stewart has confirmed that any such name would be synonymous with the adjacent River Don and would be a permanent fixture alongside whichever sponsor has the naming rights at the time. Stewart told the Advertiser: “Waterfront, Waterview of Waterside are the favourites at the moment. We like the sound of them and they're symbolic with the site itself and its history. “It stands in an area called New York and, by association, there's a famous old film called On the Waterfront which was set in the Big Apple. The stadium could be allied to sponsors. That strikes the right balance between commercial needs and tradition and we would be interested to know what the fans think." Stewart also briefly added: “Everything is going to plan and is on schedule.”