Tony keeps his feet on the ground

26 July 2013 10:07
The chairman tells the advertiser that he wont be making any extravagant promises ahead of the season.

AS the Millers embark on thier League 1 season, there is no pressure on the team to gain promotion from the bookies and although gaffer Steve Evans budget has been increased, Tony Stewart wont be making rash promises he tells todays 'Tiser.

“It's a new league, it's a new experience and we're looking forward to it. We are not making any promises but we are confident we can give value against the top sides."

“We will monitor the performance after ten games because we've a manager who won't sit on his hands. He is ambitious, he wants what we want and I know every attempt will be made to get to the highest position possible. We'll be fighting every game."

“We are also spending more money this year. The investment is going in and Steve has been very thrifty. He has managed to get value for money, which is what I like, and we have players now gagging to play in the first games. We're prepared but with injuries and other things which can come into play, it will be a work in progress.”

“We've had six years in League Two and we believed in the first year that we were better than any team in there, but you learn that it is hard work. It's a long haul and there are 23 other teams with the same aims and aspirations. There's some big clubs this time around Wolves, Bristol City, Peterborough and Preston, to name a few and they're going to be doing their level best because they think they have a God given right to be in a higher league.” he added

Source: MillersMAD.


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