Tony eager to continue adventure

26 April 2013 03:29
Tony Stewart sets his sights on the Championship with the Millers just a point away from promotion to League One.

Having revealed he's ploughed up to £30million into the club over a five year period this week, the Chairman is keen for the players to get the job done against Aldershot tomorrow and continue his forward thinking progress.

He told the Advertiser: “I couldn't wish for more from our first year at the New York Stadium and now we have a fantastic opportunity. If we do go up, we can get on with the next adventure and do what I said we would do and that is to get into the Championship.

“Life passes by quickly. With all the work that has gone in bringing the club back to Rotherham from Don Valley Stadium, time has gone fast. I am impatient for success but we are grounded and know there is a job to do first.

“The players have been gladatorial. Our guys have rose to the big occasions lately and we can do so again and I am sure that the fans will raise the roof. They all want what myself, the board and all the people at Rotherham United want.

“Even if we go into the play-offs, that obviously wouldn't be a cause to rejoice but it wouldn't be the end of it either. We'd have to pick ourselves up because there would still be plenty to play but we are all hoping it doesn't come to that.

“Everyone is holding their breath and it will be a carnival atmosphere around the town if we make it", he added.

Source: MillersMAD.