The shots will be fired up - Mullins

26 April 2013 01:11
Captain Johnny Mullins warns that Andy Scott will have his Aldershot team fired up to face his former team, but he's aiming to take the game to them from the off.

Mulls told the Advertiser today that he won't have to gee the team up for what could be the Millers first promotion since 2001.

“The experience here makes my job easier because there is not a lot that needs to be said. Craig Morgan, Kari Arnason, Claude Davis, Scott Shearer, Alex Revell, they have all been there."

"Everyone knows what they're doing and can get themselves out of little holes if they really need to. This team does what it can and I just try to lead by example and hopefully that's enough.” he added.

He looked to tomorrows opponants and despite them being all but relegated, he says they will be up for the game with former boss Andy Scott out to prove a point; “For whatever reason it didn't work under him here but it is like a player, when you go back to your old club you want to perform well, and he'll have them fired up."

“But if you had given us this scenario last August, win your final game and you're up, we'd have snapped your hand off. That's why we've got to fly out of those traps quicker than we have ever done and take the game to them. We know if we work as hard as we can then we'll get chances because we have too many players who can score.”

“There are a lot of winners in the dressing room and it comes down to that, Football is a funny game and once you get on a run, you just keeping winning, even the tight games. We all know what the prize is and we're confident we can get it.”

Source: MillersMAD.