The helpers deserved more - Warrington

01 February 2013 09:43
Speaking in todays Advertiser, keeper Andy Warrigton looks back at last Saturday and says the 200 helpers that cleared the pitch of snow deserved more.

200 fans helped cleared 3 1/2" of snow off the New York pitch last Saturday morning in a bid to get the game on, come 5pm I bet most of them wished they had'nt have bothered.

Andy Warrington admits the team let them down; “They deserved more The weather forecast on Friday was poor and on Saturday morning there were four inches of snow on the pitch. A lot of fans turned up to ensure the game was on and people behind the scenes did their bit too."

“They all did a fantastic job but we didn't ultimately and there is nobody more disappointed than me because we let everybody down. You can't put a positive spin on it. It was a shocking performance and everybody knows that in the dressing room. As a team we just weren't good enough.”

He added that the players were feeling the pain of the manner of the defeat; “We do feel it, you wouldn't be a right human being if you didn't, I go away and analyse the game and my performance and I do that every game whether it is good, bad or indifferent. We never got going and the disappointing thing about it is the fact we could have gone third with a win."

“We have to take stock of what happened because it was very poor. It was a massive opportunity that we passed up on. It is easy to say we have to go again but we have to address a lot of issues first."

“As a club we have returned to Rotherham, we have got a magnificent stadium but at the moment it is just not clicking. It is not happening for us but I'm sure it will.” he added.

Source: MillersMAD.