Stewart promises Scott top budget

06 May 2011 12:26
Chairman Tony Stewart promises Andy Scott a top budget for next season while states that the stadium funding is looking good. Stewart told the Advertiser: “We will have one of the top budgets for League Two and it has been that way since I have been here. I’m disappointed not to have gone up this year because we were on target but nothing has affected the drive and ambition here and we’ve now turned a new page with a dynamic new manager." “He’s grabbed hold of the club, he’s a workaholic, we like his methodology and the fans are going to see changes they will welcome." “We need to get up next year. A stadium of the scale and size we’ve got planned should not accommodate a League Two side.” Meanwhile work at the new ground site will start this month as planned to raise the ground levels by nearly 3 meters to alleviate the flooding risk. “I’m excited at the prospect of the work starting, Once the infill work is complete, erection of the framework of the stadium itself will begin in July." Stewart said. “Some of the funding is subject to grants. These things take time but they are coming into place as we had planned. Everything is looking good.” he added.