Stewart and Millers ready for the big kick off

05 August 2011 11:25
Chairman Tony Stewart follows manager Andy Scott in speaking to the Advertiser ahead of the new league season tomorrow. Tone spoke to the Tiser as he starts his fourth and final season in charge at DVS after giving Andy Scott the task of taking the club into League One and into their brand new stadium back in the town next summer. Stewart insists the club has never been more ready for the big kick off on and off the field. "We have all bought into the new manager and his staff 100 per cent. Andy Scott is conscientious and hard-working and is handling things differently to what we've known before. I've never seen anything like it and it's so professional" said Stewart praising his gaffer 'We're not saying we are going to set the world on fire but with all the dedication and preparation, I cannot believe that will not be portrayed in some shape or form on the pitch. To make it work you need good people and I believe those working on the football side are committed and suitable to get a team of footballers enthused to achieve things. "A Rotherham team has never been more ready for a new season and we hope that shows in the performances." Stewart continued: "This is my fourth season in football and what I have learned is that it is bigger than any individual. You see the fan base and you see the passion and you see what makes a difference to people on a Saturday. The real owners and investors in the sport are the people "Our goal is o be kicking off in a brand new stadium in a year`s time  in League One."