Stewart - A few weeks to stadium name

16 November 2011 09:43
Chairman Tony Stewart confirmed today that more sponsorship, and the name for the new stadium is in the pipeline.

Stewart officially unveiled Pukka Pies as the sponsors of the new West Stand today, and was on site at Guest and Chrimes for his first look over the construction from the very top of the building works.

And he told Millersplayer that more sponsorship deals plus the overall name of the new complex aren't too far away from being announced.

"Our Commercial man Steve Lewis is in discussions with more interested parties and we have lots of interest so that should keep him busy until Christmas! Regards the name, we're a few weeks off from announcing it - but it will be good," said the Chairman.

Stewart was live in the Radio Sheffield studio tonight on Football Heaven along with The Star's Les Payne, and we'll have more thoughts in the morning.