Shearer taking small steps on return

15 March 2013 09:10
Keeper Scott Shearer made a return to the bench this week after four months out and tells todays Advertiser it's been hard on the sidelines.

“It's just about small steps at the moment,” says Shearer.

“Last week I was working with Andy Dibble all week but this week I'm just getting back into full training with the boys. It has been depressing to be honest.

"It's good in that the lads have done well and we're in a decent position but on the other hand you feel left out because you're not really involved in it. I did my anterior cruciate ligament in my knee in training and I came back after seven weeks. About three days after that I landed awkwardly on my elbow in training and a chunk of bone came off and I had to go and get that sorted.

“Luckily both operations went better than I thought they would. I was meant to be out another four weeks so luckily I've been able to come back early.” 

He adds: “Me and Andy Warrington are both professionals and we push each other but it's not about me or him, it's a team game and it's the team that is going to get us promoted this year. I will sit there and push him as hard as I can and do my bit for the team.”

Source: MillersMAD.