Shearer praises Evans unorthadox methods

19 June 2013 08:55
Goalkeeper Scott Shearer heaps praise on gaffer Steve Evans in todays Star.

With 2 promotions under the scotsman, Shearer say's that Evans unusual ways produce results.

“Steve is not the conventional manager but what he does works, His record doesn’t lie." he told todays Star

“He has got to take a lot of credit for last season because he put a good team together. I don’t know what it is Steve does. He always demands absolutely everything out of you."

"There was never a time last season where you thought your place was safe. People are on the edge that way. Players know if they don’t perform in training that they won’t play on a Saturday. As a manager, Steve does the business.” he added.


Source - The Star


Source: MillersMAD.