Share your memories with Warney

16 November 2012 06:28
Paul Warne again speaks to the Advertiser about his testimonial and invites fans to get in touch.

Speaking to the Advertiser this week, Warne said: “I want to put on a really good game that people want to come to.

“I want to have a Legends team involving all the players I played with such as Alan Lee, Mike Pollitt, Stewart Talbot, Chris Swailes, Kevin Watson; people who I enjoyed the promotions with.

“I know people are busy, but I want to get Ronnie Moore and John Breckin back and Mark Robins and Alan Knill, and others who have had a big part in my career like Steve Thompson at Blackpool.

“Trouble is, I keep thinking of new names daily and getting others suggested to me. Someone on Twitter said I'd need to hire out Old Trafford because there will be so many people interested, but I think a lot of people have good feelings and memories about that team.

"It's not all about me, the fans want to see all those lads come back too.

“If you come to my house, I've got no pictures up of me playing football and no medals and you'd have no idea I was a footballer, so I'm not that way inclined at all, but this will be a nice way to mark my career and my adult life.”

Anyone who wants to share stories and photos of Paul's career can e-mail him at pw.testimonial@ His Twitter account is @paulwarne16

Source: MillersMAD.