Scott to clamp down on travelling distances

05 May 2011 12:50
Boss Andy Scott is continuing his preparation for next season as he sits down with each player in the squad and irons out his concerns, ambitions and progresses with contract talks. The main issue Scott wants to address is how far some of the squad are travelling on matchdays.Speaking to Millersplayer, Andy explained: "There is an issue with injuries at the football club and why they are injured. Certainly towards the end of the season fatigue sets in and we have a lot of lads who travel long distances which isn't conducive to playing football or training."It's an issue that I will be addressing. If they are going to be committed to Rotherham United Football Club then they have to live nearer. If not, they aren't going to be any use and I'm not going to be paying their wages for them to be sat on the touchline being injured. Some of the distances the lads are travelling is outrageous."The boss will also continue chats with Ryan Taylor and Nicky Law about new deals and is set to meet their agents again next week. He also has to make a decision on the players out of contract, one of those being defender Nick Fenton whio has expressed his desire to stay.The boss added: "I'm still looking at everything and looking at the performances of the lads and seeing if they are worthy of being here next year, but I'm not looking at any player again that is out of contract until the 9th May. I'll sit down with them all including Ryan Taylor and his agent."I've an idea what I want but I want to get this season out of the way and then I'll speak to the lads here about what their roles are on the coaching staff, what they can do and what I want to do. "At the moment the lads are working hard and are committed which is great."