Scott full of respect for Daggers boss

09 September 2011 11:25
Ahead of tomorrows game, Andy Scott heaps praise on Dagenham boss John Still. “John has worked miracles there and the fact they have sold their best players year on year and he has still had success with them makes it a more fantastic achievement,” Scott told the Star. “He is a good man who knows his stuff and is a really nice bloke. He has got contacts at every level and he has a lot of respect in the game from managers to players." “It is difficult when you sell your best players to go and get another one and not have the money to replace them but John always seems to have a plan in action and something else up his sleeve. “He is a good organiser and he makes it simple for players. It is probably a bit of a mystery why he has not managed at a higher level with a bigger club but maybe that is a stigma of managing a lower league club. Bigger clubs don’t want to take a chance on managers who come out of non league.” he added.