Rev's is an unsung hero - Nardiello

20 March 2013 10:20
The Millers top scorer Daniel Nardiello sings fellow striker Alex Revells praises and labels him the unsung hero of the team

Speaking to the Star today, 30 year old Nardiello gave his opinion of Rev's; “Alex is the unsung hero of our team and played a massive part in our season, Although he has not scored loads of goals, he does a lot of stuff off the ball and creates chances for the rest of the team. If Alex plays well, then the team does." he said.

“As far as I am concerned, I don’t think I would have scored a lot of my goals if Alex wasn’t playing. He brings so much to the team defensively and going forward. His strength, flick ons and work rate is crucial to us. Alex is fantastic to work off. He’s one of the best in the league for doing what he does.”

With 18 goals so far this season, he looks likely to hit the 20 goal target for the season, and also spoke of his preference of playing up front than the left side.

“Towards the start of the season, I was in and out of the team a lot, I am happy to be playing now. If I am not playing, I get very frustrated but if the team are winning and I am still not playing, I have got no arguments.”

"I prefer playing up front. It’s been frustrating not to have played more centrally. I have played more games this season coming in from the left hand side. Maybe, if I got a few more games up front, I would have got a few more goals.” he added.

Source - The Star

Source: MillersMAD.