Revell - The lads have been brilliant.

07 September 2011 05:00
Speaking to Radio Sheffield, new boy Alex Revell thanks the team for making his arrival easy & looks to bounce back from Saturdays defeat to Swindon. The 28 year old scored a brace against the Robins, only to be on the losing side of a 5 goal game. Speaking to Radio Sheffield he was fully confident that he will continue to score goals; "If I work hard the goals will come. The managers been brilliant to me since I've been here, everyone has to be fair and the lads have made me feel really welcome and it matters. When you come to a new club and as soon as you can fit it you feel a lot better and more confident." "We'll work hard this week, we can't be too down, we're still up there and the best thing to do now is to go and prove to everybody that we're back with a bang on Saturday." he added.