Promotion would be a miracle - Stewart

24 April 2013 01:44
Tony Stewart talks to the Yorkshire Post's Richard Sutcliffe as he celebrates five years in charge of the Millers.

With the Millers on the verge of promotion to League One, the Chairman speaks at length about the season and the club itself on the eve of the fifth anniversary of his takeover.

“Everyone is looking forward to the game against Aldershot,” said the Millers chairman to the Yorkshire Post.

“In life, success is all about timing. And if we can win promotion this season then it probably couldn’t come at a better time, considering we are in our first season in the new stadium.

“This season has seen the club take huge steps. From an average attendance of 3,000, we will – now that the final game is sold out – be looking at an average of more than 8,000. Promotion would ignite Rotherham. Not just the football club but the town as well. It will be a carnival and I’ll be at the very front as promotion would be a big, big thing for everyone.”

TS added: “The club is ambitious. And if we can get up, we feel we’d be able to really hit the ground running in terms of League One.

“I want to get Rotherham United in the Championship, that has always been the target. We were in League Two and in administration when I took over.

“What the club has achieved this season is remarkable, especially when you consider that we started the season with a new stadium, a new team and more or less a new manager.

“That is a lot of factors that have to come together. If we get promotion, I would say it borders on a football miracle especially as we have had 30 players who have come and gone out this season. That is a massive upheaval.

“We have had an amazing year. Getting back to Rotherham was huge, especially to such a wonderful stadium. Promotion would be the icing on the cake, as it really would mean the phoenix has risen from the ashes.”

There is a full interview with further thoughts from Tony on manager Steve Evans and other areas of the club on the Yorkshire Post website.

Stewart will also be on BBC Radio Sheffield's Football Heaven show tonight from 6pm taking fans questions.


Source: The Yorkshire Post.

Source: MillersMAD.


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