Plea for fans to keep patient as teething problems are ironed out

21 September 2012 11:27
The club call for fans to be patient and say they are working on specific problems at the New York Stadium as quickly as possible.

Chief operating officer Paul Douglas told the Advertiser: “The people who put the PA system in tested it in an empty stadium but the difference between an empty one and a full one is just incredible.

“They have been in a couple of times and tried to readjust it during games but have not quite got there, clearly. We will keep getting them in until the volume is right. The equipment is top quality. It's just a question of getting it right.”

Added Douglas: “We're some way off things being exactly the way we want but these things take time. While not major problems, they do need to be addressed. There are certain elements of the construction that still need finishing but the fact we're in the stadium and playing games means things have been slower.

“Not being an expert, I can't think there is more than a few weeks’ work left.”