Pablo soves defensive problem - Evans

06 September 2013 03:49
Speaking to the Advertiser the gaffer says that the signing of Pablo Mills as defensive cover was a solution that was staring straight at him.

After initially stating that he wasn't looking to sign Pablo, Steve Evans eventually realised he had the answer to a defensive problem in front of his eye he tells todays 'Tiser.

Mills had been training with the Millers and featured in a reserve game in which he did well.

“I then said to my assistant, Paul Raynor, that we needed to bring someone in and he was staring us right in the face,” Evans said.

“I haven't signed him because he was desperate, he had a couple of options. He wanted to come back and having been here before, he knows what this club is capable of.”

“Whether he is good enough to dislodge who we've got, that's not my problem, My job is to make sure we've got cover when we need it.”

Meanwhile he rejected some supporters thoughts that the Scot has his favorites.

“One thing he knows about me is that I pick my team very honestly, I have no favourites. I love all my players and admire and respect them but I don't pick them based on liking them or disliking them."

“Socially, we would all have different people we'd be friendly with because we're all different characters but when it comes to the football, it's different.” he added

Source: MillersMAD.