No negative vibes - Evans

09 April 2013 12:12
Steve Evans says he wants no negative vibes around NYS tonight as his side look for a vital three points against Exeter.

Speaking to The Star, the gaffer said: "We are going into this game positively, I don’t want any negativity around the place.

“We’re going into our last five games in a situation lots of teams would like to be in. People say this is a big match but all the remaining games are big ones. All the opponents, at this moment, have something to fight for.

“I picked a team to play Morecambe (on Saturday) and I thought they gave an excellent performance - if you take away the goal, we played some superb football.

“The team against Exeter will be one in which I expect to have players who will run about and work and if not then they won’t play."

Source: MillersMAD.