New ground plans excite me - Scotty

19 August 2011 08:57
Boss Andy Scott is keeping tabs on the new stadium developments with the move back to Rotherham now less than a year away. The gaffer spoke to the Tiser this week and explains he's keeping a watchful eye on events, even if alot of it doesn't make too much sense at first! "Me being a football manager, I'm not an architect, so people have had to sit me down and tell me what's going on! But I've seen the plans and it's very exciting and our commercial director Steve Coakley and the directors have had a real hands-on approach to how we lay it out in all areas. "We've had meetings about the layout and what's required and where we want different rooms, the decor etc. The chairman has been meticulous with the design and that's not going to stop just because we've started building it. It's important we get get it right now." Andy continued: "From a footballing point of view, no-one knows what is right better than the physio, kit man, manager and staff and he's willing to ask us our opinion on what we want and how we want it and it makes for a better stadium that's going to be a legacy to him, the football club and Rotherham as a whole. "It's important because you want to put your mark on something that is as important as this is to the town. We want local people to come and enjoy a fantastic facility watching a good side playing good football."  Scott explained: "We've signed a lot of players on one year contracts and with the incentive that if they do well then they are here for the year after. Credit to them, they have backed themselves enough to sign those deals because they want to be part of it long-term and that's the carrot for them. "But of course when you have a facility like that, every player wants to play in a good ground on a nice pitch with good surroundings. It gives you a boost."