Nards threw the pie in my face - Evans

12 April 2013 01:51
After finding himself dropped agains Morecambe last weekend, striker Daniel Nardiello's response pleases the boss.

Despite having 18 goals to his name, Daniel Nardiello was dropped against Morecambe last weekend as boss Steve Evans was unhappy with the strikers workrate

It looked like it worked with the striker coming back into the team to face his former club Exeter on Tuesday night and bagging another goal; “He really threw the pie in my face.” Evans told todays Advertiser.

Evans explained the situation why he left the 30 year old out; “I had a chat with him on Monday and he knew the situation. I didn’t have to say it, He was left out on Saturday because his performances had dipped. His tenacity and his workrate wasn’t what it should be."

“I told him what I wanted and against Exeter he answered that. He threw the pie right in my face. That’s a great reaction and what you want from your players. You would always pick Nardiello when he works as hard as that. I’m not going to pick him when he doesn’t, it’s as simple as that. You have to have a one-to-11 that works harder than the other team.” he added

Source: MillersMAD.