Nards has freedon on the left

29 March 2013 11:05
Speaking to the 'Tiser, Steve Evans says striker Daniel Nardiello is a bigger threat from the wings than the middle.

The 30 year old striker has 18 goals in his tally so far this season, and be playing on the flank, gaffer Steve Evans thinks he could get another 5 or 6 before the seasons end.

Recently Nard's admitted that he would prefer to be in the middle, but Evans feels no pressure to play him there.

“Daniel says he should play in this position and that position but ultimately he will play where we tell him to and that's why he has got 18 goals and he is capable of finishing the season on 23 or 24. That is certainly the target we have got for him but I don't care if he doesn't score another goal as long as we score enough to win most of the games.”

“When he plays there he tends to get that freedom of space whereas when you play him as a central striker his movement is naturally to the left and he has a designated defender against him. If you play him in that left-hand side role he pops up and gets goals."

“In an ideal world everyone would play 4-4-2 and you'd play him as one of your front two.” he added

Source: MillersMAD.