Morecambe rant was turning point - Scott

25 November 2011 10:16
Boss Andy Scott says his half time bollocking at Morecambe made the players realise they needed to pull their socks up.

The Millers came back from 3-0 down to grab a 3-3 draw at the Globe Arena and since then, have turned around their fortunes slowly but surely after a torrid run.

Scott spoke to the Star, saying it was a major turning point as his side look to make it four wins on the bounce and even unbeaten against Crawley tomorrow.

“I can see myself now in the changing room, how I lost it and went for it, the first time I’d had to do it,” said Scott.

“It seemed to have worked but I don’t want to have to do it again. There was a realisation amongst the group that, as staff, we know what we’re talking about. That when it’s done the way we want them to do it, then it works and the performance in that second half at Morecambe was one of the best you’re going to see.

“Since then the penny has dropped about doing what we want them to do. From my point of view, the way the whole psyche of the players changed at half-time at Morecambe because they knew I meant business. If they weren’t going to do what we wanted them to, then they wouldn’t be playing for me.

 “It has galvanised us as a group, brought us together after the difficult spell and the criticism, some of it justified you can’t deny that. Now we want to keep our run going.”