Millers secure new land for training ground

17 October 2011 05:05
Chairman Tony Stewart tells the clubs official website about the plans for the new training ground.

The Millers currently train at Roundwood based at Parkgate, which also hosts reserve games, but Stewart has now secured a location at the Outokumpu site on Bawtry Road to build a new academy and centre of excellence with more pitches required by the club.

He said; "We will take possession of the site by November this year and it's around 14 acres. When completed it will house the Rotherham United Academy and will be exclusive for Rotherham United. We will be able to design and develop this custom built sports area, with all the modern facilities required for an ambitious football club.

"The manager is very ambitious and there is a lot he wants to do. The new sports ground that we are moving to next season will give us more flexibility and have all the required needs of the club. It will give us the benefit of being able to have all the squads together at one time, in one area and help us in our development as one of the best football sides within the region.

"This new site will give us the opportunity to get the required space and give us all the facilities we need to continue to take this club forward."