Lets get promotion for the Chairman - Revs

07 March 2013 01:56
Striker Alex Revell tells the Yorkshire Post that he's not only wanting promotion for himself, but the Chairman deserves it too.

The big striker say's that the New York Stadium and Millers fans have helped the Millers form and believes the Chairman deserves a promotion for what he's done for the club.

“I know some felt that Don Valley played a big part in the previous years for the club not getting promoted, For instance, if you were 1-0 down like we were against York recently, you need the crowd to push you. They do that here at the New York, whereas at Don Valley it was difficult to get that. Although the crowd were always on your side it was difficult for them to get that across. Here, it’s a lot easier."

“I still believe we should have got promoted last year. We had enough talent, but we didn’t do well enough in the final run-in, and only just missed out. We had nowhere near the squad we have now. For the people that have come in, they know what getting promoted for this town and this club means."

“The chairman has built this stadium and he’s desperate to get promoted.”

“We’ve got players who have done it before, experienced players, plus we’ve got some young players who are keen to get a promotion on their cv."

“I’ve never had a promotion and it’s something I’m keen to get, not only for the lads for how hard we’ve worked, but for the chairman, for what he has built here and what’s happened in the town. This stadium has revitalised everyone.” Rev's added.

Source - Yorkshire Post

Source: MillersMAD.