It's Impressive Already - Stewart

02 December 2011 10:34
Chairman Tony Stewart Admits The New Stadium Construction Has Even Taken Him By Surprise.

The shells of the West and North stands have now been joined up in the first stage of construction of the 12,000-seater stadium, and TS told the Advertiser that it's looking even better than he had thought it would.

"We're in the seventh week of construction and already the people of Rotherham can see the size and the detail. It's high and it's wide and I must admit it is looking even better than I thought it would at this stage. The sheer enormity of it is impressive and it's an eye-catching structure from whichever angle you approach from.

 "It is going to be the iconic stadium we had planned for. Things are happening daily rather than weekly or monthly now and I am pleased we put so much into the planning before we started because that is really coming into play. I've had a meeting this week about the floodlights and we're already down to talking about the actual furnishings. We're making hay while the sun shines and although bad weather might be around the corner, that has all been factored into the timescale", added Tony.

Boss Andy Scott added: "It's a busy and exciting time and I think the chairman has been terrific in backing up everything he has said. He was adamant he wanted a new stadium and a new training facility. He wants to get promotion and he is 100% behind what we're doing and how we're doing it."