It's good to be back - Pablo

06 September 2013 03:36
In a frank interview with the Advertiser, Pablo Mills admits that over the last 18 months he's had some dark times, but is over the moon at rejoining the Millers.

Mills spent the last season at conference team Macclesfield Town, however after asking Millers boss Steve Evans if he could train with the Millers just to keep fit, he earned himself a deal.

After spending time without a club and doubts wether he would play league football again, Mills explained all to the Tiser

“I no longer take things for granted, Footballers are just like any other people; we’ve got bills to pay and kids to support and I was basically at home doing nothing or in the gym keeping myself fit and hoping for the call off a club. It’s like losing any job, you worry about how you're going to be living and what you're going to be doing."

“Did I ever fear not getting back in the league? Of course. I've got high standards and I know what I can do and what level I should be playing at, but sometimes things don't work out that way.”

With a deal now in the bag, Mills admits he's grown up since his last spell with the club; “Since I last played for Rotherham, I've grown up a lot. I've had some highs and some proper lows. I had two fantastic years at Crawley and then things started to slow down. The debacle at Bradford left a sour taste in people's mouths. I was labelled a trouble-maker but anybody who knows me will tell you I'm not that type of person or player. Managers wouldn't take a look at me and it was a bit unfair being judged on one mistake."

“The thing is, when you're in football, you see it as a job. You wake up, come in and train and go home. I'd like to think I did well at Macclesfield but since leaving it's been a weird few months and very hard."

“When I got the chance to come back here, without taking anything for granted, I hoped the gaffer might see something in me and I'm grateful he has. Coming in and training every day, you get your mind back on the job and I've started to love the game again. Now I come in happy to kick a ball around. It’s good fun and if I get picked, all well and good. I'll play anywhere.”

Source: MillersMAD.