It's better than I ever imagined - Tony

17 November 2011 10:00
After his first visit to the top of the new West Stand structure yesterday, Tony Stewart says the stadium will be better than he ever thought.

The Millers Chairman was at the height of the structure for his first glimpse, and to also confirm the three year sponsorship from Eric Twigg Foods and Pukka Pies, saying he was really impressed with how things are progressing.

“It’s better than even I thought it would be, it’s impressive, it really is,” he said on last nights Football Heaven.

“Up on that top step, the view is fantastic. In addition to some good football, fans are going to see views of Rotherham that a lot of people have never seen from that perspective.

“The steepness is exactly what we wanted and this will maximise better views, better seating and boost the acoustics.”

Meanwhile Stewart confirmed that the club will be looking at a list of possible sporting celebs and choosing one to open the new stadium next July.

“We’ve something up our sleeve and it will be a nice surprise,” he added.