It will be tougher than a league game! - Scott

10 November 2011 04:35
Looking to this weekends FA Cup game at Barrow, Boss Andy Scott expects a hard game.

Scott has previously tasted defeat at the hands of the Bluebirds and obviously doesnt fancy second helpings.

He has had confirmation that loanee's Guy Branston and Jon Harley will not be allowed to play, however goalkeeper Conrad Logan has been allowed.

Talking to the Press Association he said; "It's going to be tougher than most games we play in the league. They are going to raise their game and the crowd are going to be wanting an upset."

"It's a great time for them but we have to be mentally strong and approach it the right way. We are away from home against a non-league side who want to cause an upset, so we have to stand up and be counted." he added.


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