I'm only concerned about us - Scott

23 September 2011 09:44
As the League Two table starts to take shape, Andy Scott is only focusing on his own side. The Millers chief has noted that many of the pre-season favourites are there or thereabouts in the early standings and he said to the Tiser: “I think it is beginning to pan out. You can see that the Shrewsburys, the Crawleys and your Port Vales, teams like that are going to be up there. "Port Vale have a bit of money coming into the club now so they will probably strengthen. There will be a couple that come out of the pack as usual but the majority of the sides at the top will probably stay there now. “To be honest though I'm just concerned about what we do. We'll end up where we deserve to end up but we won't approach it any differently against any side, whether they be at the top or the bottom, because if we do that then we will come unstuck.”


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