I'm happy with the gaffer - Tony

15 March 2013 09:15
Chairman Tony Stewart believes only some fine tuning would be required to the current squad should the Millers be promoted come the end of the season.

He told the Advertiser today in a short interview:  “We have created a side that would hopefully require only a nip and a tuck for League One. It's a gamble and if it pays off then you have invested in the future.

"If not then it becomes more protracted. But when you consider that in the space of less than a year we have had a new stadium, a new manager and a new team to construct, with around 30 players signed, if we were to win promotion then it would be remarkable.

“I'm happy with the manager. I speak to this one more than I have any other and I would like him to be here for the next five years but like all managers, he has got a job to do.”

Source: MillersMAD.