Evans - We wont pay over the odds

28 December 2012 10:45
As the Millers gaffer whittles his striker search down to two, he says he won't spend more than he has to.

Having missed out on various strikers this season the boss still has a goalscorer on the top of his shopping list, but even though Evans has money to spend, he wont spend over the odds.

“It is an either or scenario. Our chief operating officer Paul Douglas has had a few chats with those people and we'll see where it goes,” he told todays 'Tiser.

“At our level, we're talking good money, and if we do spend it we'll make sure we are prudent in doing so. We won't pay a penny more in a transfer fee or a weekly wage than what the valuation says and we are going to stick to that principle. And just because a player comes in as a new signing in January and cost a few quid, it doesn't mean he automatically goes into the team. Managers should think he is capable of doing so and should do so but he has to earn the right.”

Assistant boss Paul Raynor gave his thoughts on the season so far and the upcoming visit of Accrington to New York; "We have been inconsistent, We have been in a good run of form but it doesn't disguise what we need to add. We feel as though we need a couple of players and if that means a couple fall by the wayside and leave then so be it. We always said it was going to be a long process.”

“Boxing Day was a disappointment and we need to bounce back tomorrow. Accrington won't come here to lay down. They'll get men behind the ball and try and frustrate.” he added

Source: MillersMAD.