Evans looks to Barnet

20 September 2012 03:17
Speaking to Paul Walker of Radio Sheffield, the boss doesnt expect to make major changes for the trip to bottom of the league Barnet.

"There will be no drastic changes for the game. I've a little stat for you,when we win at Barnet on Saturday, we'll be on the same points as crawley had at the same time last season, and they went on to get promoted. And an even better stat is that it will be four or five more than Swindon."

"It's very early, I'll have more concerns if we were'nt playing top sides and not making chances.A friend of mine has lost his job this week in Terry Brown, they were'nt dominating games and making chances, we are dominating games and making chances so we've got to believe theres a gelling process taking place here which is a new squad and I did warn people back in July that it would take 3 or 4 months for the team to click into place and I still believe that."

"Theres issues when you havent got Kari Arnason playing, theres issues when youve got 3 lads up until the Port Vale games thats only had 45 minutes each since April. But you have no other options but to put the boys in the shorts and let them gain the experiance that would normally come from pre-season games. No-one notices mistakes in pre-season games."

Evans looks back at Tuesday nights 3-2 defeat at home to Rochdale; "theres no issues the other night regards the second half defending. Alex Revell makes a rash challenge and a wide player didnt track a runner and Lionel Ainsworth will do that until the end of his career because all wingers do it."

"John Mullins isnt playing at this time because he went out injured, wasnt fit and is no better than Craig Morgan in my opinion and its all about judgement at the end of the day. If Scott Shearer was costing us goals, Scott Shearer would be out, but he's not costing us goals. You look at the 3 goals on Tuesday, did the boy have a chance with them? Absolutely not, would the best keeper in the world have a chance with them? no. Did he save 3 or 4 situations at key stages in the first half?  yes he did. We've got no issues with the goalkeeper, we've got no issues with the defenders, we just need some of them to get game time."