Evans looking for quick business

04 May 2012 11:27
Boss Steve Evans gives the supporters an update on potential targets.

Evans told the Advertiser yesterday: “We've had a lot of meetings with agents outlining the players we're interested in. We've declared an interest nice and early because we don't want to be running around later in the summer trying to sign the odd player.

“We have shown a couple, good players from good clubs at a higher level, around the new stadium. It's been done above board and hopefully we'll have two more along by the end of the week. These are good players and we would love to get them.

“I want the bulk of the squad in place by the middle of June and fully in place by the time we report back for training in July so we can get systems and tactics in place from the start. On Monday, we'll sit down with our contracted and non-contracted players and those offered new terms will have a week to make up their minds whether they want to stay.

“I was given three days to decide to come here, and if I'm honest it took me less than a minute, and it has to be the same for the players. Rotherham United felt right for us and they've got to feel they want to be part of it too.”

Evans has since confirmed that two potential signings, both from League One clubs, could be sealed by next week.

Richard Naylor, Ollie Banks and Marcus Marshall have been released whilst goalkeeper Andy Warrington has signed a new contract.

Paul Warne will also remain at the club as part of the coaching staff.