Evans looking for a video friendly

18 September 2012 12:39
As the Gaffer sits out the second of his 6 game stadium ban, he tell's the Star how he viewed the game on Saturday, and hopes that the lads will kick on.

Evans watched the game on his laptop after the club streamed the game live from NYS, speaking in the Star he said; “The response on Saturday was exactly what we’d had hoped for after the Port Vale result, Now we have to be prepared for another tough game and there has to be no resting on our laurels - only a desire to push on and strive to do better. That has to be the aim."

“From where I was sitting, I was very pleased with what I saw, Obviously you don’t see the whole picture and you miss something that way but it’s the next best thing in my situation."

“I shouted at the screen a few times and made remarks to Paul Raynor except he wasn’t in the room with me. It was nerve-wracking but it’s a punishment and that’s why the FA have done it, to punish me.” he added

Source - The Star