Evans frustrated by Bournemouth, but will move on

21 September 2012 11:46
Steve Evans explains his frustration over the Cherries U-turn on the deal for Matt Tubbs.

Having persued Tubbs for the last few months, Evans finally had the green light to sign the striker on loan on Friday, only for Bournemouth to cancel the agreement after the player scored twice in as many games.

An angered Evans told the Advertiser today: “We came to an agreement last Friday but then he scored twice and the situation changed and if it happens now then I will fall off a tree.

“It might be something we have a look at again  in January if the boy falls out of favour down there but we've put a lot of effort into it and we have to move on.

“It goes without saying he'd be a big asset for us because he's a player with a regular habit of sticking the ball in the net. I know what he can do because I signed him from lowly Salisbury for £50,000 and sold him for £800,000. He's a great striker at our level but it is not to be at the moment.”

Evans then went on to describe his feelings since he was given a six game stadium ban, which continues at Barnet tomorrow: “It's been horrific, as difficult as you would imagine it to be. Every game seems to last five days.

“It's useful being able to pick up the phone and speak to Paul and the staff on the touchline but it is not the same as passing your messages to the players directly. I will be with them until 90 minutes before kickoff tomorrow and we'll prepare right."