Evans expects player departures

28 December 2012 09:44
As the transfer window reopens next week boss Steve Evans tells the Advertiser that some players will be moving on if theyre not in the pecking order.

Steve told the 'Tiser that its not about money as he looks to move on some out of favour players; “It's not about balancing the books, because there is no budget here. All I know is that pound for pound, we are probably around where we were last year, which people might find surprising."

“But you have to look at your players and say whether they are in the picture or not. If they're not then they deserve for you to tell them and say, there's the door, you're a professional footballer, so go and play.”

 He did however say he wanted some new faces coming in; “We want a goal scorer and maybe one or two others in as well because we have to make sure that when we come out of January we are covered and ready for every eventuality and have a top class 18. I think we're getting there and the strength of our bench shows that.”

Source: MillersMAD.