DVS closing is a sad day - Tony

08 March 2013 12:31
After Sheffield council have taken the decision to close former home Don Valley Stadium, Tony Stewart has nothing but praise for the place.

Tony Stewart was the man that took the Millers across the border to play at Don Valley Stadium when he was unable to agree a deal with the Booth family to play at Millmoor.

The Millers spent 4 years at Don Valley while plans to bring the Millers back home to a purpose built stadium came to fruition, speaking to the Advertiser, Tony is sad to see the place closed; “Without Don Valley Stadium the recent history of Rotherham United would read differently and the New York Stadium would not be in place today. The stadium has been an angel, not just to ourselves and the athletes that use it but to Sheffield Eagles RLFC and its other users. "

“Sometimes you can be cold when you talk about a structure in isolation, but it's not just about the structure itself but the people behind the scenes. We have fond memories of the people at Don Valley and it will be sad when it goes.”

“In these times when we hear about obesity in schools and the need to keep physically active, sports facilities are so important. It is worth looking long and hard at before a decision is made, including how to utilise Don Valley better, and I hope that in future this is not an opportunity missed.” he added

Source: MillersMAD.