Don't blame me - we stopped playing football - ALF

06 May 2011 11:55
The Millers top scorer Adam Le Fondre tells today's Advertiser that he's not to blame for the teams slump. Alf has spent time on the bench during recent weeks after losing the form that put him to the top of the League 2 goalscoring charts, however in a frank interview with the 'Tiser Alfie gives his thoughts. “Obviously I’m disappointed not to start games but I don’t know what’s got me out of the team. There have been a few reasons for it that I don’t agree with personally but it’s just one of those things." “The whole team went off the boil. You just can’t blame it on me. I think I’ve been made a scapegoat for this whole situation of us being out of form but I can’t do anything about that now. All I can do is keep playing my game and see where that takes me.” Le Fondre blamed the long ball tactics for his form dipping; “Lack of goals? Maybe that’s because the team has gone off the boil, When we’ve stopped playing football towards the end of the season and reverted to playing long ball it’s no coincidence that my game has gone. I’ve been getting the ball on my head and it’s been nowhere near where I can affect the game and that just frustrates me even more." “There’s been talk of me improving my all-round game but I don’t think there was any thought of that in the first half of the season when I was getting the ball to feet and scoring goals every week. Then we hit a sticky patch around February time and I think we probably reverted to long ball and it’s not really my game and I think everyone knows that who has watched me." “Yes, I’ll gamble on chances but it’s not going to suit me when the ball is coming in to my head.” "Next season we’ll know what we’re going to start out like and how he is going to go. The manager says he wants to improve me and get the best out of me. I’ve got to get the best out of myself as well. He wants to be successful and so do I.” added the striker. After spending a spell on the bench, Alfie was recalled for last weeks 2-2 draw at Aldershot and he scored a brace with boss Andy Scott explaining that as far as he's concerned its a clean slate for everybody. “We went for a walk and I told him it was a clean slate. I told him whatever people have said about you, said to you or done to you, it’s a fresh start." Scott said. “I’m not lying to players. I’m telling them the truth and telling them what I want them to do and he showed he can do it and I’m delighted he could. There’s no excuses for him not to do it. Get him fitter and I’ll make him a better player. He’s a goal scorer and you can’t give up on goal scorers.” he added.