Departures are for footballing reasons - Evans

01 February 2013 10:10
With the departure of a few players recently, including some that only joined in the summer, boss Steve Evans tells the 'Tiser that all the moves were for football reasons.

Evans gave his thoughts on the rumours of player unrest; “Players have opinions but they don't give them in dressing rooms on matchdays or there would be chaos. You'd have 15 managers wouldn't you? I chat to my players every day and you always take counsel more from your experienced players. The team spirit always comes from confidence and winning."

“The dressing room was lively over Christmas after we beat Accrington and Rochdale. Then you go to Aldershot in the FA Cup and get beat and it gets a little bit quieter. Then you lose a couple more and flak is flying and nonsense and rumours can start, but players don't start that. That's from people outside the club and that's why you have to have a siege mentality where it is us against them."

“I can tell you we are as one. I have never had an argument with any player who has left. I'm honest with my players and staff and they're honest with me and that's ultimately why it will work, There is nothing hidden, no secrets and no agendas. I am more open with the supporters than any manager there has been at this football club and in the words of others, maybe too much at times.” Evans added.

“I have never experienced anything like this where people make up internet stories almost on a daily basis that Steve Evans has fallen out with this player, Paul Raynor has fallen out with that one, or whoever wants to leave. It is something that has been there since we joined and it was there when Andy Scott and Ronnie Moore were here. If you know the territory, you have to live with that and I'm not frightened of the job.”

“If people think I am all week like I am between 3 and 5pm on a Saturday, get a life. I've got a family that I cherish and a staff I embrace. Me and the chairman only want what the fans want but if you're Steve Evans you have to accept people are not going to give you the benefit of the doubt. Whether I like it or not, Steve Evans is high profile. Because of the way I get emotional on the touchline, I almost become someone people want to vilify and have a go at.”

Source: MillersMAD.