Dale & Jaybo set to sign

24 May 2011 07:57
Dale Tonge and Jason Taylor have verbally agreed to sign new deals with the Millers. Boss Andy Scott told Millersplayer that he had a verbal agreement with the pair and expects them both to sign when they return from holiday. "In the case of Nicky, Jamie and also Ryan, with them being under 24 they have a little bit longer to decide before the deadline, but Dale Tonge and Jason Taylor came back to me last Friday and indicated that they want to sign the deals, so we'll get the contracts written up." "That will be good news to have both of those players involved with us next year, and obviously we're waiting on the three younger lads to decide on what they want to do. Certainly in the case of Nicky and Ryan they have other options that they're pursuing and it may be that they're no longer at the club, but we'll do what we can to keep them here." "Dale and Jason are away at the moment but I have spoken to both their representatives and they are happy with the deals that we've got. The contracts have been written up and we have a verbal agreement that they will sign, but as we know until they've signed on the dotted line we won't count our chickens but I'm confident they will sign new contracts."