Coleman expects Millers to be up there

12 September 2011 11:30
The views from Accy boss John Coleman ahead of tomorrow's game against the Millers. The Millers travel to the Crown Ground tomorrow and expect to face one of their old chargers in Danny Coid who has recovered from injury. Meanwhile Coleman's Stanley are unbeaten in four including a draw with Gillingham at the weekend, but the home boss is looking for more three pointers to push his side up the table. "Home draws aren't a lot of good to us," he said to asfconline. "What we've got to have is a belief in winning. The onus is on us to win games. Nobody is going to give them to us. There's no point hanging around and waiting for the opposition to make a mistake, you have to go and force it. "If we're going to replicate what we did last season then we can make Saturday into a good point by beating Rotherham and then winning next Saturday. "They (the Millers) should be aiming high with what they've got to play with and will be up there," added Coleman. "The sides who are doing well at the top have all got healthy budgets so it should be expected. You can say that brings its own pressure but once the dust settles and expectations settle it's still about eleven against eleven."