Booth didnt get the credit he deserved - Luckock

06 January 2012 11:38
Speaking in the 'Tiser today, former director Carl Luckock spoke about the Millers former chairmann Ken Booth.

Luckock spoke about life after the Millers and praised the current board for making the new ground dream a reality.

“Mr Booth did all he could for 18 to 20 years. It was the right at that time to stand down and let someone else take over and it wasn't a time when he could start building a stadium himself."

“He's a controversial character only to people who don't know him. I know him on a personal basis and have spent a lot of time with him on team buses and so on and listened to what he'd achieved in life."

“He was putting a fortune into the club and he never got the credit for it and you can understand why his family said, ‘enough Ken.’"

“He was about 85 when he retired. I think the present chairman is the third in six years and Ken had it for 18, so it just shows what a difficult job it is."